Better Side Seals has developed a product that prevents the metal to metal scoring of mixing chambers and original side seals. The Better Side Seal acts as a combination flat ball bearing-squeegee that removes the lithium grease from the sides of the mixing chamber inlet ports, as well as residual chemicals from the outside of the ports after spraying.

The Better Side Seals eliminates scoring of the mixing chamber by reducing the contact between the chemicals being applied and the lithium grease, which results in crystallization.

Better Side Seals are available for the Graco® Air Purge and Probler® plural component guns. These seals also fit the GAP PRO®.

The Better Side Seals are reusable day to day and job to job. During a year of field testing, Better Side Seals reduced the costs for replacement parts by 80%-85%. The Side Seal design and their use are patented.


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PATENT #9433955

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Purchases of large components are done through "Quoted Orders" that include shipping costs to final destination.  Payments are made through "bank to bank transfer of funds" prior to the release of the order. 

Smaller components and parts can be order online with credit card.d purchase

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