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Know the Environmental Conditions before SPRAY FOAMING & COATING!

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Tramex FeedBack Data Loggers and the Tramex FeedBack App have been designed and developed for professionals in many industries who depend on accurate, reliable readings using the very best, state of the art technology.

  • Storage of up to 100,000 data point entries.

  • Continuous logging for over a year on one battery life.

  • Bluetooth connectivity to your IOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Tramex FeedBack Data Logger App downloadable free from Google Play or App Store.

  • Ambient measurements & logging of Relative Humidity RH, Temperature, Dew Point, GPP & more.

​The App is intuitive and extremely user friendly, allowing the user to scan for available FeedBack Data Logger devices within 160 ft (50m), displaying live temperature & relative humidity readings (as well as contact surface temperature if the CTP probe is connected) for each before even connecting to a device.

  • Accurately document job site conditions for "Daily Spray Report".

  • Delay or cancel work when conditions are not within the appropriate range and have the "data backup to confirm" with GC or project manager or homeowner.

  • Never make the mistake of having costly application fail due to environmental conditions impacting the application, curing or drying process. 

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