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21999-0715 15 Hp Regenerative Air Dryer
21999-0720 20 Hp Regenerative Air Dryer.
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Why Use Tsunami

Tsunami Regenerative Drying Systems use proprietary technology to provide extremely clean & dry air. Tsunami succeed as  pretreated air enters the regenerative dryer where molecular sieve desiccant absorbs water vapor.  Approximately every two minutes, a controlled signal forces an internal piston to shift. The shift in the piston redirects airflow through the opposite canister while simultaneously back-flowing a small amount of dry air through the previous utilized tower; it's like changing your desiccant every two minutes! The Tsunami Pure-10P Regenerative Dryer provides similar benefits to the Ultra wall mounted dryers at a reduced cost. The Pure-10P systems utilize a simple control system & Tsunami pre-filtration with Moisture Minder® automatic drains to assure removal of water, oil & particulates before entering the dryer.

​∙ Low Relative Humidity - Down to .01% RH
∙ Dew Points down to -80° F
∙ Includes pre-filtration (removal of water, oil & particulates)
∙ Moisture Minder® pneumatic drains automatically remove captured contaminates before entering dryer

Designed around your compressor size and requirements

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions LOGO PA

TSUNAMI Best conditioned air system in the SPF Industry!

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