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The 50' Radiant Insulated Sidewinder is designed as a single layer protective sleeve to go directly over your hose. Low profile, flexible, light weight, with superb heat retention qualities.


Le Sidewinder 50 'radiant isolé est conçu comme une gaine de protection monocouche pour aller directement sur votre tuyau. Faible profil, flexible, léger, avec de superbes qualités de rétention de chaleur.


El Sidewinder aislado radiante de 50 'está diseñado como una funda protectora de una sola capa para pasar directamente sobre la manguera. Perfil bajo, flexible, ligero, con excelentes cualidades de retención de calor.

50' Radiant Insulated Sidewinder

SKU: SKU: SW-2175
  • Sidewinder SPF Guard

    "The NEW Industry Standard has Arrived"

    • Spec mill 1000 Denier Cordura (10.5 oz.), with 5 mil urethane coating.  The heavy urethane coating features a low coefficiency of friction; Providing excellent abrasion resistance for wet, high UV and crisp edge applications.

    • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent; tested to ISO 6945 Specifications

    • Puncture/Tear: Very good; resists tearing

    • Thermal retention 5-10 degrees with our "standard" Sidewinder.  Upgrade to the insulated "Thermal Radiant" lined Sidewinder will boost your heat retention by 18-25 F. 

    • Flexibility temperature range: -60°F (-51°C) to +200°F (93°C)

    • UV Protection: Excellent; meets EN13758-1, max rating of 80 new/dry

    • Chemicals: Very good resistance to water and petroleum

    • Wicking: Excellent resistance

    • Meets MIL-C-83489, FED-STD-191A, MIL-STD-810F

    • Hook & Loop enclosure system allows for quick installation or removal for hose maintenance.

    • Light weight, tapered fit with a slim profile over existing standard spray hose.

    • Can be power washed clean.

  • See Policy Page.

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