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TSUNAMI BREATHING AIR SYSTEMS MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADE D BREATHING AIR QUALITY Tsunami Breathing Air Systems are the optimal solution when Grade D breathing air is required. The complete system features industry-leading Tsunami 3-stage filtration along with continuous carbon monoxide monitoring.
 ADVANCED  RESPIRATORY PROTECTION with TSUNAMI BREATHING AIR SYSTEM BENEFITS • 3-stage Tsunami filtration system with automatic float drains. • Easy-to-read digital carbon monoxide alarm. • CO monitor calibration made easy with Autocal®. • Meets OSHA Grade D breathing air quality specifications.

Multi-User D-Grade Breathing Panel

SKU: SKU: 21999-0265
  • Meets OSHA Grade D breathing air quality specifications.  The purchaser has sole responsibility that the purchased system meets their local and state requirements.  Hoses and Hoods/Masks must be from the same manufacturer for NIOSH and OSHA compliance.

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