210' Canadian Sidewinder Hose Kit / Kit de tuyau de 210 '

The 210' Kit comes with 1# 7' Whip Cover, 1# Uninsulated Coupler, 1# 50' Uninsulated Roll to cover the 1st fifty feet that is typical used indoors in a 'conditioned site', #3 3' insulated couplers and #3 50' insulated rolls.


Le kit de 210 'est livré avec une couverture Whip 7 #, un coupleur non isolé de 1 #, un rouleau non isolé de 50 # pour couvrir les cinquante premiers pieds utilisés à l'intérieur dans un «site climatisé», # 3 coupleurs isolés et # 3 rouleaux isolés de 50 '


El kit 210 'viene con 1 # 7' Cubierta de látigo, 1 # Acoplador no aislado, 1 # 50 'Rollo no aislado para cubrir los primeros cincuenta pies que se usan típicamente en interiores en un' sitio acondicionado ', los acopladores aislados # 3 3' y # 3 rollos de 50 'con aislamiento.

Sidewinder Black 210' Hose Kit / Ensemble de tuyau noir 210 'Sidewinder

SKU: SKU: SW-210
  • Sidewinder SPF Guard

    "The NEW Industry Standard has Arrived"

    • Spec mill 1000 Denier Cordura (10.5 oz.), with 5 mil urethane coating.  The heavy urethane coating features a low coefficiency of friction; Providing excellent abrasion resistance for wet, high UV and crisp edge applications.

    • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent; tested to ISO 6945 Specifications

    • Puncture/Tear: Very good; resists tearing

    • Thermal retention 5-10 degrees with our "standard" Sidewinder.  Upgrade to the insulated "Thermal Radiant" lined Sidewinder will boost your heat retention by 18-25 F. 

    • Flexibility temperature range: -60°F (-51°C) to +200°F (93°C)

    • UV Protection: Excellent; meets EN13758-1, max rating of 80 new/dry

    • Chemicals: Very good resistance to water and petroleum

    • Wicking: Excellent resistance

    • Meets MIL-C-83489, FED-STD-191A, MIL-STD-810F

    • Hook & Loop enclosure system allows for quick installation or removal for hose maintenance.

    • Light weight, tapered fit with a slim profile over existing standard spray hose.

    • Can be power washed clean.

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